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Santoni creates beauty by relying on the unique knowledge, handed down for generations, of artisans as well as artists.
For Santoni, beauty is a subtle balance that makes the difference and satisfies all the senses, sight and touch in the first place.
The hand is everything: it shapes, colors and finally gives an unrepeatable identity to each object. The hand is the reason why Santoni is a producer. The hand creates objects that move because they are real, designed to last over time and capture the spirit of the time.
Beauty is therefore the result but also the process: a way of doing things.

Business, art and family are a single element in Italy. The roots are the starting point, not an obstacle. Doing business is an act of creation and Santoni is a virtuous example of this.

Santoni was born in 1975 in Corridonia from the intuition of Andrea Santoni: to industrialize the artisan process while keeping intact the quality of the design, the search for the best materials, extreme care in manufacturing and attention to the person.
Today, at the head of the company we find Giuseppe Santoni, who combines his father's passion for craftsmanship with the vision of a global, innovative and modern brand, maintaining his roots in the territory and the vision of the company as a family. A family, made up of 700 artisans, linked by true relationships.
It is precisely the family structure that creates the authenticity in the atelier: Made in Santoni.


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