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Seidensticker – Where tradition meets zeitgeist

Seidensticker is Germany’s most well-known shirt brand and one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality shirts and blouses in Europe. To this day, the focus of the corporate philosophy, which has been carefully cultivated and developed over decades, remains a genuine passion for the products and the highest quality standards.

Ever since the company was founded in 1919, shirts and blouses by Seidensticker visibly merge tradition and modernity. With the utmost passion, products are created that reference the current zeitgeist, without ever compromising or bowing down to fleeting trends. Seidensticker stands for a sense of style, good taste and values.  

JACQUES BRITT - Dress Up. Open Up

Jacques Britt is synonymous with stylish elegance and confident nonchalance. Embodying a European way of life, JB creates shirt and blouse collections uniting international and aspirational flair. JB’s creed Dress Up is a commitment to the stylish enrichment of life, while Open Up is an affirmation of openness, innovation and modernity.

The JB philosophy is defined by a pronounced awareness and appreciation of quality, and what makes the brand and its collections exceptional can be perceived in every product detail. Using the finest fabrics from the leading mills in Europe and known for tasteful design, JB shirts and blouses reflect the highest standards.

Brands: Seidensticker, JACQUES BRITT


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