General Terms Parking at Designer Outlet Centre Roermond

Parking at RPL

The parking area(s) at the Designer Outlet Centre Roermond are operated by Roermond Parking Land CV (RPL) (contact details below).
By pulling a parking ticket or reserving a parking place through Premium Parking the user has the right to enter the parking area(s) and enters into a parking agreement with RPL. The General Terms of Parking apply to all parking agreements.
Pulling a parking ticket does not guarantee a parking space. Only in case of reservation through Premium Parking is the user entitled to a parking place. RPL always has the right to direct a user to a specific parking area and/or parking place and to refuse a user access to the parking area(s) if RPL finds this desirable.

When entering the parking area(s) your license plate is registered. This for the sole purpose of easy and controlled access and departure of the parking area(s). For the way RPL processes the user's personal data we refer to our RPL privacy policy (
Entering parking area(s)

The barrier closes automatically after each passing vehicle. Driving through directly after the previous vehicle without waiting for the barrier to close first is dangerous and may cause damage. For this reason, driving directly after the previous vehicle is prohibited.
Caravans/campers are only allowed to enter the parking area(s) through the barriers expressly indicated for use by caravans/campers.


The prices for using the parking area(s) are:

  • first 30 minutes free of charge;
  • EUR 4 per day (regular parking);
  • EUR 8 per day (PremiumParking);
  • EUR 4 in case of lost parking ticket;

The user can pay the fee owed at the payment terminals.
The user can pay the fee payable for Premium Parking in case a reservation is made by means of the offered payment methods in the booking process, using the electronic payment facility on the website. Approval of payment in that electronic payment facility represents an explicit agreement by the user to have the fee due charged against his credit card or bank account.

If payment with (one of) the offered payment methods is refused by the electronic payment facility, the reservation cannot be finalized. The user shall be notified thereof either immediately or shortly after the attempted reservation.
RPL shall communicate any price changes on the website. Any price changes shall not affect a completed reservation prior to the communication of the price change.

Opening hours

The current standard opening hours of the DOC Roermond are:

10 am – 8 pm Monday till Friday
9 am – 9 pm Saturday and Sunday
9 am – 10 pm Some Dutch and/or German public holidays

excluding public holidays when trade is not permitted and the days on which special opening hours apply. Opening hours are subject to change.

The parking area(s) open 60 minutes before RPL opens and close 60 minutes after the last restaurant at RPL closes.
No vehicles are allowed in the park area(s) outside of opening hours.


Use of the parking area(s) is solely permitted:

  1. in connection to a visit to Designer Outlet Centre Roermond;
  2. for the purpose of parking, loading and unloading the vehicle;
  3. by vehicles with license plate that are duly insured and in road worthy condition; and
  4. in the marked parking spaces and one vehicle per parking space.

Trailers of any kind are not allowed in the parking area(s).

Designated use

Parking space reserved for persons with special authorization (e.g. disabled persons) are intended for and may only be used by such persons with special authorization. The user must be able to present appropriate proof of the special authorization (e.g. disabled person's card) on request.

Bicycles, mopeds and motor cycles may only park in parking places expressly indicated for the respective vehicles. Caravans/campers may only park in dedicated areas and on the instruction of RPL staff as well as the staff of the Designer Outlet Centre Roermond, or appointed service suppliers.


For the safety of yourself and others it is important that:

  1. when possible you always use the footpath, pavements, side stripes and/or other path indicated by RPL to walk on. Walking on the road, including entrance and exit roads is prohibited.
    2. you always and immediately follow the instructions of RPL staffs well as the staff of the Designer Outlet Centre Roermond, or appointed service suppliers.
    3. you never drive faster than walking speed in the parking area(s).

Prohibited behaviour

The following behaviour is not allowed in the parking area(s):

  1. smoking and the use of fire of any kind;
    2. storage of fuel, inflammable objects and empty fuel containers;
    3. unnecessary running of engines;
    4. repair, washing or maintenance of vehicles;
    5. distribution of advertising materials;
    6. leave waste;
    7. drug consumption;
    8. offending public decency;
    9. in any way abuse or make improper use of the parking ticket issued to user or attempt to bypass the electronic access, control or payment systems by any other means, or assist third parties in doing so;
    10. any illegal activities.
    RPL has the right to remove from and refuse access to the parking area(s) any user that exhibits prohibited behavior. In that case the user will not be entitled to any refund and/or compensation nor will the user be relieved from any payment obligations.

Removal of vehicle

RPL is allowed to remove any vehicle at any time and at the expense of the user of the parking area(s), in case of;

  1. any violation of these general terms;
    2. parking outside the opening hours and/or in violation of the permitted period of use;
    3. parking outside the parking spaces in the parking area(s);
    4. imminent danger.

Wheel clamp

RPL is entitled to wheel clamp vehicles, if so deemed necessary by RPL. RPL shall observe the principle of reasonableness and due care when assessing the need to apply a wheel clamp.


RPL is not responsible or liable for safekeeping and/or guarding the vehicles and/or any damages to or loss of property (including the vehicle) of the user, unless in case of intent or gross negligence by RPL. In case of injury to life, body or health no limitation of liability will apply. RPL is never liable for damages that are caused or within the responsibility of the user, other users and/or third parties.
The user is obliged to report any damages, loss of property and/or injury at the RPL Guest Service as soon as reasonable possible, but in any event before leaving the parking area(s) of RPL.

Premium Parking

The user reserves a parking space in the Premium Parking area by completing the booking form for the desired parking product via the website [insert link].

The Premium Parking reservation is subject to availability of the number of parking spaces designated to Premium Parking (the Premium Parking area) and can be used until 24:00 on the day prior to the intended date of arrival. If parking spaces are not (or no longer) available, RPL shall not accept the booking and shall notify the user thereof within the shortest possible term. Premium Parking is not available for campers/caravans.

The user must state the information requested on the booking form on the website for the purpose of making the reservation. Once the user has made his or her selection, a full statement will be displayed along with a statement of the fee due. The user will subsequently be asked to visit the electronic payment facility to pay the fee due. When the user subsequently clicks on the button that definitively makes the payment, the parking agreement for Premium Parking with RPL becomes effective.

After having finalized the reservation, RPL shall confirm this by means of an booking confirmation by email to the email address submitted by the user. The user is responsible for supplying a correct and valid email address. RPL cannot be held responsible for non-delivery due to transmission failure. The confirmation serves as proof of the existence and details of the parking agreement.
It is prohibited to use Premium Parking for commercial purposes. A reservation is not transferable for commercial purposes.
If a user enters a different parking area than the Premium Parking area and pulls a ticket, the reservation is not used and the user will have to pay the parking ticket pulled.

Change or cancellation

Reservations can be changed or cancelled at any time via the link in the confirmation email mentioned above that refers to a special login module with which changes in and cancellations of the reservation can be made. It is not possible to change or cancel the reservation in any other way than by using the special login module.
In the event of a change or cancellation of the reservation, the fees shall be (partly) refunded or must be additionally paid, depending on the change or cancellation. No refund or any other compensation will be paid if the special login module is not used for communication the change or cancellation of the reservation.
Any reservations made using third parties instead of (directly) by way of Premium Parking using the booking tool on the website cannot be cancelled or changed.

Electric filling stations

The electric filling stations are intended for electric cars only. For use of the electric filling station we refer to the conditions of usages posted at the location of the electric filling station.


The nullity or voidability of any provision of these general terms or of any parking agreements to which these general terms will not affect the validity of the other provisions. The null or voidable provision will be replaced with provisions that are valid, and which as far as possible reflect the intention of the null or void provision.
The Dutch text of these general terms will be decisive for purposes of the interpretation of these general terms.
All parking agreements shall be governed by the laws of the Netherlands. All disputes between RPL and the user will exclusively be submitted to the competent judges at the District Court of Limburg, location Roermond, the Netherlands. Contrary to this provision, RPL shall at all times be entitled to submit a dispute or claim to the competent court in the location where the user resides.
The Dutch Road Traffic Act, further rules imposed pursuant to this Act, the Traffic Rules and Signs Regulations and corresponding appendices, as well as further rules imposed pursuant to the aforesaid regulations, apply in or on the parking area(s).

Information RPL:

Roermond Parking Land CV
Stadsweide 2

6041 TD Roermond
The Netherlands
tel: +31 (0)475 351 777