The Fitness Edit: Asics

Take time to focus on your health and wellbeing at home, with a little help from the experts at Asics.

Whether you’re looking for new ideas to keep active - or you’re a seasoned runner looking to stretch out and unwind post a PB 10k - look no further…

Asics have joined forces with elite athlete Eilish McColgan, and yoga guru Sandra Blanz, to bring you two at-home video workouts. Designed with runners in mind, they’re the perfect kick-starter to keep your mind motivated and your fitness regime in check. So grab your water bottle, find a quiet space and get ready to hit play…

Improve your Running Form
with Eilish McColgan

Check out the circuit workout that UK athlete Eilish McColgan has prepared for you! Eilish won silver at the European championship in 5000m and she shares some exercises that made her a better and more sustainable runner. #UntiedYetUnited


Yoga for runners
with Sandra Blanz

Can Yoga improve your running from, make you more flexible and help you prevent injuries? 
Check out the session by @yogini.runner and find out!
Because you can't untie your body from emotions and thoughts, this yoga practice helps to strengthen and relax body and mind.
#SoundMindSoundBody #UntiedYetUnited