2021 Charity of the year

Passion for Learning

We are proud to support Passion for Learning, our 2021 charity of the year.

We are delighted to announce Passion for Learning, as our new charity partnership for 2021.
Volunteers from the charity will be working in partnership with us throughout the year across a variety of activities and events to raise money.

Stay tuned for the activities on this page as they launch throughout the year to see how you can get involved.

Who are Passion for Learning?

Passion for Learning was founded in 2011 with the intention of recruiting adults from all walks of life who could bring their experiences, enthusiasm and skills to children struggling to read and learn. Many children simply do not have the benefit of the enriching experiences that make learning fun. Limited opportunities and little knowledge of the wonders of the world in which they live mean that too many young people lack ambition and aspiration.

Understanding individual children’s motivations and the barriers that they have to overcome to learn and achieve is the starting point for the work that we do. Within the community at large there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of men and women who have the time and the inclination to enrich these children’s lives and open their eyes and doors to a brighter future. They help to introduce children to books that they want to read as well as games and activities that enable them to learn as they play.

In 2011 we started with just one school, six volunteers and 18 children. Our first volunteer meeting was held around one table. Just six years later we have over 130 volunteers working with over 400 children and our meetings have outgrown some of Chester’s larger venues.

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