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Are you looking to save money, energy, time and space? Then, you're on the right page. It's full to the brim of information around our products, with tips to help you save and make life simpler and easier every day.


Tefal Multi-pressure cooker

Did you think it was just Air Fryers that can save you time, space, energy and money? Think again! There are many benefits to switching to a multi-cooker too!

Cook faster with a pressure cooker

Looking for quick meals that are super easy to make, and save energy? Our Cook4Me pressure cooker can cook a risotto in 8 minutes all in one dish, saving you time in the kitchen as well as money on energy used.

Tenderise cheaper cuts

With a pressure cooker you can take a cheaper cut of meat and ensure that it's still juicy and tender with the power of pressure cooking, so there's no compromise on your favourite meals. Speed up the process and cook 500g of diced pork in 12 minutes in our Cook4Me pressure cooker.


Reducing food waste

Instead of throwing away fruit and veg that is starting to go past its best, why not dehydrate them in an Air Fryer; make vegetable peeling crisps or fruit chips for healthy snacks at home for you to enjoy. Or make a fruit smoothie with some crushed ice for a refreshing drink. Use your leftovers and make a delicious warming soup or broth to make sure nothing goes to waste.


Batch Cooking

Save yourself time and money by batch cooking; prepare meals in advance so you turn on your appliances for less time saving you energy and money. Our Turbo Cuisine and Fry has an XL capacity so you can cook up to 8 portions at once - enough for you to enjoy all throughout the week.


Make it yourself

With our Perfect Mix Cook blender you can make your own alternative milks such as soya milk using only raw, unsoaked beans and water, giving you the freedom to create as much as you are going to need as well as knowing exactly what has gone into your drink.


Make meals go further

Bulk out your meals and make them go further by using our manual chopper to chop vegetables into smaller pieces and adding them to dishes. It's also a great way to help you and your family get your 5-a-day.

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