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Björn Borg is a Swedish fashion brand for clothing, named after tennis legend Björn Borg. After his tennis career, he started an underwear collection which immediately became an immense success. Björn Borg’s style has left a great impression. It once started with the production of underwear, but now Björn Borg’s shoes, purses and perfumes are also extremely popular with a large audience.

Björn Borg is the number 1 sports/fashion brand for people who want to feel active and attractive at the same time. The brand inspires people to get more out of themselves through the stories they tell and the products they create because they believe that sport does something positive for our mind, body and soul. Björn Borg says YES! Against changing the rules of the game. The brand believes that top performances and attractive looks go well together.

Björn Borg makes products with a combination of unique expression, perfect fit, good functionality and long-lasting quality.


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