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KABOOKI stands for premium kids wear. Kids wear, which is being designed in close cooperation with the super brands LEGO® and Automobili Lamborghini, and which continues to excite children and parents around the world.

LEGO® Wear offers a complete range of high-quality, functional, and comfortable clothes for active girls and boys from 9 months to 14 years. LEGO® is a universe known and loved in the whole world. The children recognize this universe in the graphics and prints on the LEGO Wear styles, since the most popular and current LEGO characters are thought into the designs. Children should be children, and dressed in LEGO Wear clothes, the children can jump, climb, dance, and move freely without being limited by their outfit.

Automobili Lamborghini Kidswear gives boys from 4 to 16 years the opportunity to wear premium quality clothes inspired by cool super sports cars. The collection is dynamic and modern with authentic design elements such as the hexagon and the Y-shape; the colours are powerful, and the styles are unique.




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