General Terms and Conditions for the Use of Car Parks (GTC)

1. Conclusion and subject of the contract
1.1 By pulling the parking ticket at the entrance barrier to the car park area, a contract of use in accordance with these General Terms and Conditions comes into effect between Designer Outlet Neumünster GmbH, Oderstraße 10, 24539 Neumünster (Operator) and the vehicle driver (User).
1.2 The User has no right to a parking space, including where the User has made a reservation for Premium Parking. If there is no parking space available due to overcrowding or incorrect parking by other Users, the User has the opportunity to leave the car park area free of charge within 60 minutes after entry.
1.3 The subject of this contract is solely the use of the parking space. The safekeeping and/or guarding of the vehicles or any other activity that goes beyond the mere provision of parking space is expressly excluded from the contract. The Operator does not assume any duties of care. Every User is recommended to lock his or her vehicle always carefully after leaving it and not to leave any valuables behind.
1.4 In order to determine your parking duration and the parking are uses, your number plate will be automatically scanned by the Operator. The data will be deleted after no more than 24 hours from you exiting the car park. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for further information. [link]

2. Premium Parking
2.1 One day before arrival at the centre, the User may make a non-binding reservation for parking spots in the Premium Parking section of the car park area on the website of the Operator. The reservation must be made before the time indicated on the website. The User will receive a QR code via email.
2.2 If the User presents the QR code for Premium Parking at the first entrance barrier before pulling the parking ticket, a Premium Parking ticket will be issued and the contract of use will include the use of the Premium Parking area. If the user forgot the bring the QR code, they may alternatively ring the parking manager of the Operator from the barrier and request the issue of a Premium Parking ticket.
2.3 It will be the User’s responsibility to drive to the Premium Parking area and park there. For this purpose, the User will have to present the present the parking ticket at the (further) barrier at the entrance to the Premium Parking area. The User has no right to a parking space in the Premium Parking area. In case that there is no space in the Premium Parking area due to congestion or parking offenders, the User may exit the Premium Parking area within 10 minutes from entering it free of charge and use the regular Parking area subject to the applicable conditions. If the User otherwise parks their vehicle outside the Premium Parking area with a Premium Parking ticket, the surcharge will not be refunded.

3. Terms of use and safety regulations
3.1 The barrier closes automatically after each passing vehicle. Driving through while the barrier is still open (after another User has passed through) can cause damage to the barrier system and the vehicle and is therefore expressly prohibited.
3.2 Walking on the roadways, including the entrance and exit roads, is not permitted unless there are no pavements or side stripes and there is no alternative footpath.

4. Regulations
4.1 Unless otherwise stipulated in the GTC or the signage of the car park area, the provisions of the StVO apply accordingly. The User has to follow the Operator`s staff`s safety instructions and instructions concerning the house rules immediately.
4.2 The maximum allowed speed of vehicles within the car park area is walking speed.
4.3 The User may only park motor cars without trailers (vehicles) on the car park area. In addition, only vehicles with liability insurance, a registration plate and a valid official test badge may be parked. Caravans/Campers may only pass through the barriers expressly provided for Caravans/Campers and only park on parking spaces expressly provided for Caravans/Campers.
4.4 Parking is only permitted within the marked parking spaces, one vehicle per parking space. In case parking spaces are reserved for Users with special authorisation (e.g. disabled persons), only specially authorised Users may use these parking spaces. The User must present appropriate proof (e.g. disabled person's card) on request. The electric filling stations intended for electric cars may only be used/frequented by electric cars (for the usage regulations of these filling stations see the General Terms and Conditions posted there). The parking in the Premium Parking area is only permitted for Users who have a parking ticket that includes Premium Parking as set out in Section 2.2.
4.5 Furthermore, the following is not permitted on the car park area:
a) smoking and the use of fire,
b) the storage of fuel, inflammable objects and empty fuel containers,
c) the unnecessary running of engines,
d) parking of vehicles with leaking tank, carburettor or engine or otherwise not roadworthy condition,
e) the repair, washing or maintenance of vehicles,
f) the contamination of the car park area, in particular by cleaning the vehicle, draining of cooling water, fuel or oil,
g) the use of bicycles, mopeds, inline skates, skateboards and other vehicles or equipment, as well as parking them on the car park premises,
h) the distribution of advertising material.
4.6 The Operator and the Operator's staff are entitled within the scope of the house rules to prohibit other activities than those mentioned in Section 4.5.
4.7 Staying on the car park area is solely permitted for parking, loading and unloading, as well as collecting the vehicle. Staying for the purpose of delivery of goods and/or parcels or similar is expressly not permitted.
4.8 The use of the car park area is solely permitted in connection with a visit to the Designer Outlet Center.
4.9 In the following cases, the Operator is entitled to move the vehicle or have it moved within the car park area or to remove it or have it removed from the car park area at the expense of the User, unless the User is identified within a reasonable time and the offence / danger cannot be eliminated in time by other means:
a) Violation of the rules of order in accordance with this Section 3 and/or other possession interferences,
b) Violation of the permitted period of use in accordance with Section 5.5 of the GTC or
c) Danger ahead.

5. Charges and duration of use
5.1 The usage fee (parking fee) is 4.00 € per day and entrance process for a parking time of 60 minutes or more. For Premium Parking, the usage fee (parking fee) is [8.00 €] per day and entrance process.
5.2 If the parking time is less than 60 minutes, the exit is free after checking the parking ticket by the pay machine. If the User has obtained a Premium Parking ticket upon entry, this will only apply if there was no vacancy in the Premium Parking area and the User has exited the Premium Parking area within 10 minutes from entry.
5.3 Parking is free of charge upon presentation of the European Disabled Persons' Identity Card; the fees will be refunded at the Guest Service.
5.4 If the parking ticket is lost, a new ticket shall be drawn directly at the pay machine, upon departure. No fee will be added, the daily fee still applies. In the case of Premium Parking, the User must call the security directly from the pay machine and declare the situation, same conditions apply, but with the Premium Parking fee.
5.5 The car park area can be entered 30 minutes before the Designer Outlet Center opens. The User is obliged to remove his or her vehicle from the car park area no later than 30 minutes after the restaurant in the Designer Outlet Center that has been open the longest has been closed.

6. Liability
6.1 The Operator is only liable for damages caused by him or his vicarious agents intentionally or through gross negligence, unless otherwise specified below. This limitation of liability shall not apply in the event of injury to life, body or health or a breach of material contractual obligations. Material contractual obligations are those obligations whose fulfilment is essential for the proper performance of the contract and on whose fulfilment the User relies or may rely on. In case of negligent violation of a material contractual obligation, the liability of the Operator is limited to foreseeable and contract-typical damages.
6.2 The User is obliged to report any damage immediately or in any case before leaving the car park area. The Operator is not liable for damages that are the sole responsibility of the User, other Users or other third parties.