Diversity and individuality determine today's world and with it the world of fashion. Conviction, attitude and charisma are reflected in non-conformist looks that are more than just clothes and confidently convey your own style to the outside world.

We have teamed up for a groundbreaking project with content creators from our community who have internalized this attitude to life and inspire us with their diverse styles. A joint video was produced under the title “Dress To Be You” that captures the distinctive personalities of the influencers whilst at the Designer Outlets in Berlin, Neumünster, Ochtrup, Roermond, Roosendaal, Salzburg and Parndorf.


McArthurGlen wants to celebrate the diversity of fashion and encourage people to view fashion as an individual expression of personality.

With “Dress To Be You” we strengthen our community, which is an important part of EVOLVE*, and celebrate fashion and diversity in equal measure.


*For more information about Evolve, click here.


For McArthurGlen Designer Outlet Neumünster @gaiusokami looked at the world of fashion in his own unique way:


„Fashion is about free expression, creating a safe-space and self-confidence. With fashion I can show the world who I am.”

„Fashion plays a significant role in my self-discorvery, allowing me to express my true self to the world, without the need for anyone to truly know me. “

Have you already found your individual style?


Come by, get inspired and discover the world of fashion from a new perspective.

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