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Save The Duck, the 100% animal-free outerwear & lifestyle brand, as a B Corp (2019), is counted among companies that are leading a global movement, that meets high standards of social and environmental impact.

The brand, which is also a “Società Benefit” since 2019, caters to the global market and to a growing target audience, that is highly sensitive to environmental and animal welfare issues.

The logo is a whistling duck, carefree, because has “been saved”. The Company has estimated that cruel plucking practices were avoided on over 40 million ducks in its twelve years activity.

Save The Duck garments are not only featherless, but also 100% animal-free and, therefore, do not use leather, fur or any animal-derived raw materials.

The Company is engaged in a carbon footprint mitigation plan, in line with the European climate reducing targets.

Save The Duck also maintains a volume of donations equal to 1% of its annual income, to support Italian and international initiatives, associations and charitable organizations that aim to protect animals, safeguard natural resources and protect human rights.




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