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Design and stylistic innovation , distinctive aesthetics and exponential versatility.

Founded in 2018, Suns Boards specializes in the production of stylishly chic technical and sporty clothing.
Inspired by an avant-garde vision, the brand was created to provide for what today’s consumer most urgently wants: dynamism, simple linear styling and eco-sustainability.
A personal take on contemporary and affordable daywear that is comfotable and functional.
Each collection originates from a  moment of inspiration occurring at a time of maximum creativity.
Suns is positivity and the noble forces of love, energy and ideas that positivity forges into an indissoluble bond to produce a perfect synergy encapsulated in the brand’s slogan: “Inspiration is evolution, evolution is love”
The design logo efficiently expresses the idea of perfection in the form of a sun-like circle with rays that reach out inclusively towards fathers and sons, women and men.
This is a new world of apparel where the apparently contradictory concepts of classic-sporty and elegant-technical are syncretized.
The ideas embedded in the garments and their powerfully expressive styling give a whole new feel to an indispensable wardrobe item for men, women and children, the outerwear, and turn it iinto a veritable object of desire.


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