Lacoste x Peanuts: A collab for all generations

It’s the little things that bring us together.

As Charlie Brown might say: “Good grief!”. Lacoste have teamed up with iconic comic strip Peanuts in a new collaboration that’s just dropped at Castel Romano Designer Outlet. Expect exclusive pieces created for all generations and tastes with a focus on sporty, sweet and hilarious designs.

Lacoste Peanuts


Whether you’re a devoted, diehard Peanuts fan or you love the nostalgia of pop culture dressing, this collaboration will have you enjoying all the fun of the Schulz comic strip vibes. Whatever your style or your generation this cute, wearable and lighthearted collection is sure to put a spring in your step.

Pastel polo that the whole family can go matchy matchy in during the festive season? Count us in. Plus print sweaters and tees in bold shades will add a much needed dose of sunshine on cold, grey winter days. The perfect Christmas gift for everyone from Granny to your trend-obsessed sister and even those teenage nieces and nephews that are notoriously tricky to shop for.

Lacoste Peanuts


We’re all unique. Some of us are ‘boomers’ and some ‘millennials.’ Some of us love the great outdoors on a winter’s morning and others would much prefer a cosy fire and some uninterrupted screen time, thank you very much. But one thing that brings families together, especially during the festive season, is shared nostalgia. Whatever your style, you won’t be able to help being charmed by the Lacoste x Peanuts collaboration. Cue fresh and fun pieces with a cool sportswear aesthetic.

Print t-shirts and sweatshirts in the Schulz comic strip’s iconic green (thanks for the style inspo Peppermint Patty), white, grey and pale pink look effortlessly stylish and appealing whatever your age. Comfy, cool and easy-to-wear they’ll give a new lease of life to your winter wardrobe - and make the perfect Christmas gifts for the whole family.

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