Under Armour Sport Event

Join a free workout session on 3 & 4 September

Under Armour and Designer Outlet Roermond invite you to a mobility workout by Dr Ludidi or an ultimate total body workout by the experts from il fiore healthcenters.

Under Armour Sport Event

We would like to bring together a community of focused performers to engage in a group workout session and stay fit and healthy after the Summer. So enjoy a mobility masterclass with celebrity coach Dr Ludidi or a total body workout led by professional local fitness trainer from Il Fiore health centers and take an hour to focus on your health and wellbeing. As a participant of the workout you'll also receive a nice after-training goodie bag!

Join us on 3 or 4 September registering here.

The mobility masterclass with Dr Ludidi takes place on Saturday 3 September at 10am.
The total body workout sessions take place on Saturday 3 September at 5pm and on Sunday, 4 September at 10am and 5pm. 

Simply grab your training gear and bring your energetic spirit, we take care of the rest! Everyone above 18 years is welcome to register. 

Total Body Workout
The Il Fiore experts put together a very form driven, focused workout to give you the dose of energy you need for the entire day and that would inspire you to adopt it as part of your eventual home workout routine. From push-ups to squats, the total body HIIT circuit training exercises will build-up your muscles & endurance by hitting every major and minor muscle group of your body, getting your heart rhythm elevated and making you sweat.

Dr Ludidi

Mobility Masterclass by Dr Ludidi
Movement is Life and your body is a fantastic piece of natural engineering that allows you to move in all kinds of ways. But if you don't use it, you will lose it. If you know how to use your body properly however, by keeping it healthy and vital, it will offer you an extent of freedom that is unheard of, a whole life long. Activating your body and mobilizing your limbs, joints and spine is one of the ways that works great to reach that goal of ultimate freedom. And the good thing is, it can be done everywhere. That is why Under Armour, Designer Outlet Roermond and I collaborated. During my 60 min. mobility workshop I'll teach you what you can do to make a great start regaining your own freedom through movement. Subscribe via the link below and I hope to see you there!
Enjoy Health, doc.

About the workshop
All levels are allowed to enter (18+ years) Dr Ludidi's Mobility Workshop. The workshop itself will take 45 minutes, followed by another 15 minutes of Q&A where you can ask all your health-related questions.

About Dr Ludidi
Dr Ludidi is a Dutch-South African Nutritionist (PhD), best-selling author and private coach. Doc has worked with top athletes and celebs from all over the world, to share his knowledge about health and optimize the health of those in need.
Discover his 5 tips how to stay fit & healty here.


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