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The Chasin’ brand was founded in 1992. It is a lifestyle jeans brand, made for a curious man who pushes boundaries and lives to the fullest. Chasin’s collections mainly consist of denim, near that the collections also consist of T-shirts, underwear, accessoires and long sleeves.

During the years, Chasin’ has grown into a high-quality brand with its own style that is defined by denim, sportswear and youth culture. The Chasin’ brand name was inspired by the song ‘Chasin’ a dream’ by Tashan. In their philosophy, the brand pursues the bold, cool fashion dream. Chasin’ strives for the highest possible quality in all collections and treats people the way they want to be treated themselves.


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Designer Outlet Roosendaal is closer by than you think! Only 30 minutes drive from Rotterdam and Antwerp and 20 minutes drive from Breda. Also with easy access by public transport.

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