Shopping tax-free


Guests visiting from outside the EU can receive a tax refund on their purchases.


Shopping tax-free is easy:

To shop tax-free with us guests must:
1) Be permanently resident outside the EU
2) Depart the EU within 90 days of their purchase
3) Spend a minimum of €154.95 in the same store on the same day

Shopping tax-free is easy:

1) Ask our friendly store staff for a tax refund form for each receipt.
Our store staff will help you complete your form. When shopping in Italy, please bring your passport, or a scanned copy, to present in-store.
2) Validate your forms before leaving the EU.
Present your receipts, completed tax refund forms, passport and purchases at the airport customs desk/self-service kiosk before you check in.
3) Receive your refund.
Visit our onsite Tax Refund Office to receive your refund in-centre or present your validated forms and passport at the airport refund desk or dedicated post boxes.
For more refund options and information visit our onsite Tax Refund Office.