Premium Parking

Reserve your premium parking space for a special and relaxed shopping experience.

Our premium parking spaces are opposite the Adidas and Lindt store/ east entrance.

By making a reservation, you will receive a parking space in our premium parking area, from which you can start a very relaxed shopping experience.

The parking fee for the reserved premium parking space is €8 for the whole day.

After submitting the reservation form, our Guest Service Team will check your reservation and, if there is enough availability, will send you a confirmation of the reservation.

With the confirmation sent by e-mail from the Guest Service Team, you will then also receive all further information about the on-site procedure, as well as the QR code of your reservation, which will give you access to the premium parking area.

Please note that your reservation has only been made if you have received a written confirmation from the Guest Service Team.

Please also note that we can only process reservations up to a maximum of one day by the end of business hours before the planned visit.

We are looking forward to your visit.