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this festive season

Where the magic of the cookware meets the spirit of the Christmas season, be surprised by Le Creuset in Designer Outlet Roermond!

Le Creuset

Culinary Christmas Recipes

🍲 Be enchanted by Le Creuset's beautiful cookware and delicious Christmas recipes:

- Sticky cranberry & juniper glazed salmon: Simple yet impressive, this glazed salmon is an incredibly flavourful addition to the holiday table

- Sevile orange & sage roast duck: Add a touch of elegance to the dinner table with this crispy roast duck, glazed with a Seville orange marmalade.

- Ginger & cinnamon pear pudding: A sweet treat that will leave you wanting more.

- Roast potatoes with confit garlic: Golden, crispy potatoes doused in a garlic confit olive oil – the only way you’ll want to prepare your roast potatoes from now on.

- Crispy bacon & parmesan Brussel sprouts: Flash-fried Brussels sprouts topped with bacon and cheese are the perfect accompaniment to your next roast.

Click on the name to download the tasty recipe.

Let the unique ingredients and flavours surprise you and make your Christmas a real festive treat to share with your loved ones.

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