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Breakfast & Brunch

When you start your shopping trip bright and early, our cafés and restaurants have everything you need to fuel you up. Try fresh pastries or sandwiches from Kamps (baked fresh on site every morning) or treat yourself to a special coffee from Starbucks, where biscuits and brownies are just two of the tempting options. As well as food, you'll also find plenty of places to grab something to-go - perfect if you want to get a head start on the shops (and who could blame you?).



Shopping for yourself or your loved ones makes you hungry, doesn't it? Our cafés and restaurants are open and happy to welcome you so you can take a little time out. Just like breakfast, lunch in our centre can be as leisurely or as fast as you like. Visit the Pommes restaurant and try the new plant-based Vegan Nuggets. Or go to Kamps for delicious sandwiches and pastries, to grab something on the go during a busy day of shopping.
Flavours that you should enjoy to the full.​
Coffee and Treats

Coffee & Treats 

During this season, you can look forward to exciting offers from our many food stalls. You'll find that they pop up at perfect intervals throughout the centre, whenever you need them most. This season also always brings with it special delicacies that you won't find at other times of the year. How about a Salted Pretzel Hot Chocolate or a iced vanilla brulee oat shaken espresso from Starbucks? Discover the new merchandise collection of Starbucks and get 50% discount on all previous promotional items. Each of these treats will make your shopping break a little more magical. Have fun!​


With 186 shops offering up to 70% off their collections for the whole family, time will pass quickly when shopping in our shops. After an eventful day, it's time to treat yourself to a delicious meal at one of our restaurants. Burger Federation offers you this season the Dutch, a delicious burger with Gouda cheese, Joppie sauce and a fried egg, which is delicious with a seasonal Textel Witbier. At Käfer, you can enjoy a warm seasonal Zucchini soup or a delicious curry wurst.

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