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Magical moments, new flavours

A hot chocolate, gingerbread, lattes and waffles never go out of fashion. Grab your wish lists and round off your shopping with a visit to one or more of our cafés and restaurants during these cold days.

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Breakfast & Brunch
When the early morning needs a little magic

If you’re starting your gift shopping bright and early, our cafes and restaurants have everything you need to fuel you up. Warm-up with a seasonal pastry from Bonton or treat yourself to a special coffee from Casa del Caffe, where cookies and brownies are just two of the tempting options. As well as dining in, you’ll also find plenty of places where you can grab & go - perfect if you’re eager to get a head start on the shops (and who could blame you?). 
Lunch F&B

Plan a short break, to relax

Shopping for yourself or your loved ones makes you hungry, doesn't it? Our cafés and restaurants are open and happy to welcome you so you can take a little time out. Just like breakfast, lunch in our centre can be as leisurely or as fast as you like.
You’ll find everything from casual eateries like Frites Atelier to family favourites like La Place. In the wintry season, there's also an enticing range of heart-warming drinks. Flavours that you should enjoy to the full.
Dinner F&B

Not ready for a magical winter's day to end?

With many shops offering up to 70% off their collections for the whole family, time will pass quickly as you shop for great things in our stores. If you need a break, you'll find plenty of places to enjoy a delicious bite to eat. Many of them offer special menus for our younger guests as well. After a day out, it's time to treat yourself to a delicious meal in one of our restaurants. With many cafés and restaurants open until 6pm during the week and 8pm on weekends, a delicious dinner is the perfect way to round off a successful day. 
Coffee & Treats

Coffee & Treats 
When you don’t need a reason to treat yourself

During the cold season, you can look forward to very exciting specials at our many food stalls. You'll find that these magically appear at perfect intervals throughout the centre, always - when you need them most. The cold season also always brings special delicacies that you won't find at other times of the year. So whether it’s a hot chocolate from Casa del Caffe or an ever so indulgent Cookies. Any of these treats will add a little more magic to your shopping break. Enjoy! 

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