My kind of way to warm-up

Create your own warmth this autumn and winter

A hot drink from Illy to warm the hands, a toasty meal from La Place to warm the soul, and chats with mates to warm the heart. This is my kind of autumn winter dining. Discover yours at McArthurGlen Roosendaal.


When you’re in need of a morning pick-me-up.

Whether you’ve left home on an empty stomach or you’re simply craving another coffee before hitting the shops, our cafes and restaurants have everything you need to boost your energy and put hunger pangs to bed. Take your pick of delicious pastries at Bonton or choose from Casa del Caffè’s mouthwatering breakfast menu. As well as dining in, you’ll also find plenty of options to grab & go; perfect if you’re in a hurry to get to the shops (and who could blame you?). 


When you’re ready to hit the pause button.

We know that shopping can be hungry work, which is why our cafes and restaurants are on hand whenever it’s time to (temporarily) put the breaks on. And, just as with breakfast, lunchtimes at our centre can be as leisurely as you like, with everything from salads and sandwiches at La Place to relaxed a la carte dining at Per Tutti!, available throughout the day. You’ll find seasonal specials such as aromatic soups at La Place and streetfood to-go at our Worst! stand.


When the shopping lasts longer than you expected.  

With so many shops to get around, losing track of time is a common side effect at our Designer Outlet. Still, there’s no need to fret (or hurry for that matter). When you’re finally ready to call it a day you’ll find plenty of places to enjoy a late afternoon or early evening dinner, with menus for little ones available too. Treat yourself after all the calories you’ve burned with delicious fries from Frites Atelier or pasta at Per Tutti!. Or, branch out and try one of the hearty snacks or food stands are offering. 


Coffee & Treats
When you don’t need a reason to treat yourself. 

One of the joys of shopping with us - besides finding the fashion you love for up to 70% less - is the array of places you can grab a quick snack or coffee on the go. You’ll find these dotted throughout the centre, ready to reward you with an instant caffeine fix or something a little bit naughty. Autumn Winter also sees the introduction of some rather yummy specials you won’t find on the menu at other times of year. From a shot of caramel syrup added to your latte to a Donut at Dunkin', or Daan’s utterly irresistible Churros, you’ll find no shortage of ways to treat yourself as you shop.  

Not only our cafés and restaurants satisfy the sweet tooth. At Haribo, Lindt and Art of Chocolate you can also buy lots of treats, either to snack on them directly or to take some home with you - so that you are covered until your next visit!


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