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The confectionery’s high quality, and the good feeling that comes with it, makes people fall in love with Storck products worldwide. Visitors young and old can now find their favorite Storck brand’s products in Parndorf, our very first Austrian Storck outlet – in a great variety and at great outlet prices. There is something for everyone: besides Storck’s well-known standard products, you will also find factory seconds, special packaging sizes and constantly changing offers that guarantee new outlet bargains every time.

For the sweet moments in life
For decades, Storck has been successfully producing high quality sugar confectionery and chocolate specialties. Starting as a candy manufacturer in 1903, the company today is still an owner-managed family business and one of the largest confectionery manufacturers worldwide. Storck’s confectionery brands are simply a part of people’s lives. Toffifee, Knoppers, nimm2, merci, Werther's Original, RIESEN, Mamba or Dickmann's – most people know our brand’s popular products. Who has not tried them at least once or given them away as a gift? The family-run company, which started as a small candy manufacturer in a German town called Werther in 1903, is now one of the largest confectionery producers in the world. Storck products are sold in over 100 countries. 

Under one roof: The great variety of Storcks brand
The family-owned company from East Westphalia offers each of its brand their own appearance in the Storck outlet. Thanks to the great product range, numerous varieties and flavours, as well as special editions and seasonal products, there is something for everyone - whether you want to treat others with a sweet gift or simply enjoy yourself. Storck chocolates, chewy candy or bars - dive into the sweet world of Storck´s brands. Our Storck outlet in Parndorf is definitely worth a visit.


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Designer Outlet Parndorf is conveniently located for easy access from Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest. Drive from Vienna in 30 minutes, Bratislava in 25 minutes and Budapest in 90 minutes

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